Friday, April 11, 2008

Teaching - Week 6 - Thursday 4/10/2008

Iron cowboy silhouettes. We see these up our way every so often. This one's at the entrance to the stable.

Kind of impressive huh?

My kind of traffic jam!

My little class pretty much finished up rewriting Cinderella and making little books out of the rewrite. Half of them didn’t have time to read theirs yet.

Because most of the girls have a heck of a time writing sentences, I made up a story with lots of spaces for filling in names and details and sometimes full sentences. Two of the Cinderellas that we heard yesterday went clubbing, one went to a carnival (her details were great!)

The only big problem with the fill-in-in the blanks story was that it was a little long for reading aloud, especially since the basic story is exactly the same. So… I don’t know. (If anyone wants to see it/use it, email me and I’ll send you a copy.)

The little breakthrough was very cool. A—who typically just says “no” when she is asked to do just about anything, actually wanted to read second! Her hand went right up.

Last time, she said no she wasn’t going to read and was acting all embarrassed, and I pointed out in a friendly way that she was really just drawing more attention to herself by taking up time pretending she wasn’t going to read. “I want to hear what you wrote and I know you’re going to, so why not just go ahead?”

Hmmm. Maybe that made sense to her! (Or maybe it was just a fluke!)

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