Sunday, April 06, 2008

Reality Check - Sunday 4/6/2008

Yeah, it's not all just flowers and sunshine around here all the time. We have to work for it every now and again. We have planted a lot since we moved in here. As things fill in, it is actually easier.

Hydra trimmed the grass and cut down the weeds at the top of the slope. I trimmed shrubs and moved all the plants out of the house onto the front porch.
We call this "California Gothic."

We both cleaned up all the cuttings. A total of six bags like this plus our 45 gallon trash bin!

Then we turned on the irrigation system and sat down on the front porch to drink Gatorade and watch the grass grow. (This is at the end of the porch.)

This quote, on a pair of gloves Braveheart gave me, pretty much sums it up. Three and a half hours today, but all those flowers I've been reveling in are a pretty good payoff.

Plus, I don't have to do an exercise DVD today.

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