Friday, April 11, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon - Friday 4/11/2008

So I was sitting on my front porch finishing up a telephone conversation with my sister, when two thirsty dogs wandered into the yard. They looked pretty happy to see someone at home.

This one not only had a long long drink out of the tub of water I brought out, she put her front legs in it and splashed it up onto her belly. I really like this shot a lot.

This one was just the sweetest. She was ready to come in the house.

"You're very nice people. There must be a dog dish in there that needs licking clean."

I called the number on the brown one's collar and Hydra brought rope and we tied them to the apple tree. We were petting them--the brown one was actually sitting on my foot pressing her back into my shin by this point--when their owner called.

She was grateful and friendly and sent her son down from up the road with leashes to retrieve them.

It's been a very doggy week. [grin]


Anonymous said...

I am always so grateful that people are willing to reach out to the owners of wandering pets. You may have saved them much heartache.
It is not unusual for there to be a temporarily displaced dog in my fenced back yard awaiting pick up by his people.
From dog owners everywhere we thank you!

Tessa said...

Sally K!!

I'm happily subscribing to your blog :))It's wonderful to find friends here in the blogosphere!

I loved loved this entry, including the pictures of the dear doggies! My heart is leaping too with joy at the fact that the story had a happy ending. I love that you are a friend to animals! :)