Monday, April 14, 2008

Out and About - Saturday 4/12/2008

Snapped this along Vasquez Canyon Road on our way back from an errand in Valencia. Amazing amounts of flowers. There are two or three different types of yellows in play here. (This is about 20 minutes from my house.)

It was such a lovely day, I trundled all my writing stuff out to the deck to work for a couple of hours. Took Dodger with me, in his travel cage. Hydra put up the umbrella for me!

Writer's eye view. After a while I even set up my laptop out here. We have an outlet out there and the WiFi even works.

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Tessa said...

Oh boy!! Loved your pics, Sally! Look at your cool patio/table + chairs. So, wonderful!

My sis lives in Southern CA and I lived there for a spell, awhile back. Enjoy your beautiful weather and landscape!

Thanks for sharing!