Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Krazy Kat _ Tuesday 4/15/2008

No, not the early 20th Century comic strip by the same name... The guy in the photo facing to the right.

He was talking to himself and laughing. Riffing off of the music on the speakers at Sitton's. Kept it up the whole time I was there, about an hour and a half.

Don't know whether it was drugs he was on or meds he was off, but he was freewheeling.

Here are a few quotes I wrote down in my journal:

"Hey, Joe, why's that mushroom on your head? That mushroom on your face? Some people can't handle that. Some people can't handle Miller High Life." Laughs. "It's like a lemon on a concrete walk, man." Laughs. "It's like Paul Simon. It's so funny. And then--" something unitelligable. "My great uncle wrote that book on--something." Laughs. "Not too many people do. Don't worry."

I snuck this photo from under my table.

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