Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saugus Swapmeet - Sunday 4/20/2008

This morning we went to The Saugus Speedway Swap Meet for the first time. I don't think anybody really swaps anything, but it's an interesting mix of old stuff and new stuff and there's even a live band over near the beer vendor.

I just liked the guy with the chain saw perusing the artwork.

Um.... Does anyone else find this stuff a little creepy?

A sweet looking little boy enjoying lunch with his mom and dad. We were having Jody Maroni sausage sandwiches at the next table and listening to the live music.

I've been appreciating the flowers outside so much this year, and wow, look what's going on at the Trader Joe's in Santa Clarita.

A detail. They almost don't look real!

Veggies we bought from the farm stands in the swap meet. Cleverly, they had bowls of Persian cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers set up for $2.oo a pop. Even the bundles of skinny asparagus were $2.00 each. The grapes were only $1.00 a pound.

This is $11.00 worth of vegetables. Way better than at the grocery!

It was very cool out this morning... only 48 degrees when we arrived. Hard to believe it was in the 90s around there on Friday!

Cool Thing: Our friend John Wainwright and his business were featured in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette today!


Team said...

lovely photos. who would ever have guessed that vegetables would be cheaper than gas!
hope that you are doing well.

Los Angelista said...

Those paintings are VERY creepy. And for only $10. Hmm... like I'd ever want to bring a picture with such a weird vibe into my home.

I bought one of those same bunches of flowers this weekend. Smelled lovely.

thelastnoel said...

That last pic of the still fruit and vegetables is a winner!

Sundry said...

Team- Gas! Don't get me started! But a friend in Toronto told me that she's paying $1.20/liter for gas. I quickly did the math... 3.79 liters to a gallon means that she's paying more than $4.50/gallon! (The U.S. and Canadian dollars are about even right now.)

L.A.- Glad I'm not the only one who is unnerved by the paintings. They just look painful... especially the Jesus one. Hasn't he been through enough?

Last Noel - Thanks! I always feel good when I please your eye!