Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sitton's No Ho is No Mo! - Monday 4/21/2008

But it's okay. Andrew stepped up to keep the place going.

Of course, this transaction didn't happen over the weekend. The server confirmed that in fact I had been writing at Andrew's for a couple of months!

I love this place, but honestly, couldn't they have busted loose a little extra cash for a nicer sign? The old one wasn't much better, but this just doesn't shout "pride" to me.

The pigeon agreed to appear in this shot only if her identity was obscured.

Not-Bob approves this message.

Is it the fine coffee available inside that keeps him ever-upbeat?

It's sad he never gets to come inside to watch the six a.m. shift change, with all the waitresses saying good morning and goodnight to each other.


KathyR said...

When I saw the beginning of your post, the first thing I wondered was "did they get rid of that goofy statue thing out front?"


Sundry said...

Heh... And there are at least 3 more inside the restaurant!