Friday, April 25, 2008

Teaching - Week 8, Finale - Thursday 4/24/2008

The view from inside the classroom.

Everyone's working on their final project.

It's pretty great when they're concentrating!

The last class went well. We had a good project to work on. The teacher who works with them during the day had them take photographs of each of these concepts before I arrived, and then we wrote about them.

How do you see yourself?
How do your parents see you?
How do others see you?
How do you look when no one can see you?
How do you see yourself in ten years?

I also wanted pix for “How do you want people to see you?” but she’d run out of time.

We did extra writing about how they see their parents, and what they find most interesting about their parents (M came up with that question and “Do you trust your parents?") and more questions about how they see themselves in 10 years.

I’d taken a group photo on the first day and then again last week, and they had copies of both of those to finish up writing with what Taking the Reins had meant to them, their favorite and least favorite parts of it (no one said the writing class for either, which was a good break even, as far as I’m concerned). The last question was “What would you tell someone who is considering coming to Taking the Reins.”

Most of them said things like “you will love it” or that you have to watch your feet so you don’t get stepped on!

One of them said, as we were leaving, “We won’t ever see you again!” She says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

It was a good experience. I will probably teach again in some context. I did offer to help them with fund raising events and to substitute if they need someone down the road here and there.

Thanks so much to Mags for getting me involved with this wonderful organization!


Tessa said...

How wonderful!! Loved the questions you asked of the kids! Very cool project.

Hope your weekend is wonderful. (I want to get back to blogging very soon; I'm behind.)

Sundry said...

Tessa - Thanks! The questions were actually from another teacher whom I substituted for before I took the class for a session. I think this might be a fun project for any age of student, actually!