Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Artsy? Perhaps Not. - Sunday 5/11/2008

Okay, forgive me. I was up late two nights in a row, singing.

And then there was this cleaning that just felt like it really need to be done, so that I can love my house. If it gets too messy, it just becomes petulant and demanding.

I really should have taken a photo of the evening light falling across the table in the library...but no. What you have here is one of the toys I was going to give a friend's baby a few years ago, but which turned out to be a wonderful mobile perch for Dodger.

While I have your attention, I'll tell you about singing song #4, "Every Light in the House is On," at a hoot last night.

It went over really well, even though people didn’t seem to remember it. It was a big hit in the early or mid-ninties I think, recorded by Trace Adkins. A sweet pining song. Here are the lyrics.

Hydra did “Play Me” (Neil Diamond) for the first time, and I did some harmonies on the chorus that went well. Especially these falling notes during a held note on his part at the end. I used to do these to the LP (owned by brother Brains) when I was in my early teens. I could see my bedroom and the record player while we sang.

It was a smaller group and we stayed later than usual, so we were able to do another song each. I reprized “That’ll Be the Day” and he did Armstrong a song about Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.. pretty and thoughtful.

Then a couple of women who play and sing together, who have been telling me we should do stuff together, pulled out another Buddy Holley song and we did that together, me harmonizing. We ended up also doing “Johnny B. Goode” They told me to take a verse while we were up there…good thing they had the lyrics right there! Also did “Pink Cadillac” with them. Too much fun!

The last song of the night was when Hydra started doing “Luckenbach, Texas” a capella and about 8 of us stood around singing it together.

Really fun night!


Anonymous said...

My current favorite song is "Early Morning Rain" by Ian & Sylvia. Sing that one! Sing that one! It takes me exactly two Early Morning Rains to get from my driveway to my parking spot at work, unless the bridge is up.

xoxo Bells

Sundry said...

Heh... I love that way of timing your commute. I think I sang "That'll Be the Day" about 12 times on my commute the day before we performed it!