Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bouquet Canyon Drive - Saturday 5/10/2008

On the way back from running errands in Valencia, Hydra suggested we take the long way home and drive up Bouquet Canyon. I'm always up for this sort of thing.

I think this is The Big Oaks Lodge.

I think I could really love living along this road. There are so many amazing old houses with stone bases and clapboard walls painted brown and green to blend into the surroundings. Usually they have neat little outbuildings around them, too.

Looking down into Bouquet Canyon Reservoir from the road. Spunky Canyon Road goes around the other side. How'd that get it's name? From some intrepid little burro, maybe?

Low reserves.

My foot. On the road. Lovin' the day.

On a completely different subject... I have this goal to sing 12 "new" songs in public this year. Last night I did #3, which was "That'll Be the Day." [#1 & 2 were "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" and "Accentuate the Positive." Granted, I've been singing about that train since before I can remember, but not really in front of anyone...usually in the back seat of the family car, with a soft serve cone in one hand.]

Here's my story about that:

Ha! I told the audience to sing along because there was no way they were going to drown me out—I do have a big voice—and promptly started off on the wrong key.

Thank goodness, our friend GL was playing along, because he stopped me and clanged out a solid A for me, and off we went. I have to say, the audience was really with me and we rocked it out.

Hydra did “Can You Sing Any Dylan?” which is a very fun Eric Bogle song, and I oohed along in the background, and hammed it up in reaction to the lyrics and got the audience involved.

I think the main thing in performing for people, whether it’s music or a novel reading, or anything, is getting the emotion across. If it’s a fun song, act like you’re having fun and you will…everyone will.

This was a benefit concert that raised about $450 for our music club.

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