Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Twain's Again - Monday 5/12/2008

Wow, this table has seen some use, huh? The little round spots are where the spoons go!

Dropped off books at the Studio City Branch of L.A. Public Library this morning and looped down to Ventura Boulevard to revisit Twains.

Gave some directions to a guy walking past in shorts, a tee-shirt and a baseball cap, who told me it was his first time in L.A. I pointed out the all-night Ralph's across the street and said, "Welcome!" It was a pretty good bet he hadn't been here long, as he wasn't bundled against the morning damp like a seasoned Los Angelino would be.

I have to tell you about the photograph that got away later in the day!

I was coming out of my office and saw a nicely groomed man in a business suit on the other side of Evergreen with a ladder under his arm. But what was really interesting was that he was cruising along the sidewalk on a skateboard!

Perfectly erect as he swooped around the corner and up the alley. Wonderful!

And me with my camera in my backpack!

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