Monday, June 02, 2008

Character - Sunday 6/1/2007

In between running errands in town, we sat at a Starbuck's, reading and pretending we were on vacation.

This shot doesn't really show as well as I'd hoped this interesting outfit. The guy was all hippy from the waist up...the hat, the mustache, the ponytail, the gauzy white shirt. Then he was all equestrian from the waist down...stretchy riding pants with leather on the insides of the knees and those great English-style boots.

I'd guess he works in the movie biz, wouldn't you?

Oh, and Spider Update: Eek! The spider gobbled up that fly and discarded the husk by this morning. And the spider, honestly, looks bigger than it did yesterday.

We're thinking a move outside is in the spider's best interest.

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