Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's Just Sad - Wednesday 5/4/2008

Yeah, it's sad that a lot of the big old pine trees in our neighborhood are dying and no one seems to know why.

But even sadder is this vision of a big wonderful log cordoned off with safety tape.

Heaven forbid anyone should have a real life experience with something and--gasp!--get hurt by it. A toe could be stubbed! A sliver could get into a fingertip!

I mean, really? What's the worst that could happened? Death by stumbling off the end of it?

It's sad that our litigious society means that kids are protected from just about everything that their healthy normal curiosity might lead them to explore. They're being protected into a stupor!

Want to know why I don't have kids? One reason is, I can't imagine raising a child and not being able to let her roam free like I did. I would not be who I am without the woods, the fields and the scabbed knees in my past.


Anonymous said...

But the world is still wonderful. And look what great people your nieces and nephews - and of course my son - grew up to be. Every generation has its own challenges - and joys.


Sundry said...

Hee... this is funny. Usually it's me writing like a Pollyanna and you emailing a disagreement. Guess that's how we stay balanced!