Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm the Ginchiest! - Tuesday 6/3/2008

At least, that's what Hawkmeister over on 43Things tells me.

This is destined to be known as the Summer of the White Shades.

And you know, only the ginchiest girls get the really good photographs.

This is Jay's dog Sebastian grooming Jay's yet-to-be-named rescued baby squirrel.

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Anonymous said...

I had a rescued baby squirrel when I was a kid - Honey! She would get inside my jacket when it was cool. She would sit on my shoulder when I rode my bike. I had her for a year. The next spring when she was big enough we set her free. But one day sitting in the yard about a month after we let her go we heard some squirrels in our tree. My mother ran inside and brought out some milk (Honey loved milk). She came out of the tree, climbed into the tipped glass and drank some milk. Then she sat on my shoulder a minute and scampered back up the tree to her waiting friends. Never recognized her again.