Friday, July 18, 2008

The Whole World In Her Hand - Friday 7/18/2008

The one on the left holds just most of my typed up writing for the past year or more.

The one on the right holds all the documents I've created at my job for the past two years.

You never really know how cold a room can feel until you try to access your USB drives only to repeatedly receive the message "Drive unformatted. Do you want to format now?"

Noooooo. No, I don't.

These little guys are really wonderful. I don't absolutely trust my hard drives. I figure it's better to save to these (infinitely losable) little darlings. I do also have an external 250 gig hard drive that I save photos and personal documents to, but it doesn't really get updated as often as it should.

As it turns out, there's something wrong with the USB ports in my desk top computer. Thank goodness I was able to move the USB drive to my laptop and send my last report of the day. (Working from home, saving gas money, tra-la!)

I would much much rather have a problem that money can solve than lose all that data.


I'll be backing up to that external drive this weekend, you betcha.

P.S. When the heck did I get shar pei wrists?!

Is this some kind of cruel instant-karmic retaliation for making fun of The Hoffmeister yesterday?

I swear to you, it's the awkward angle, standing over a table with my hand lying flat. My wrists are not always this baggy!


Anonymous said...

Sally! Save to your external hard drive! (you could also invest in a 1-2 terabyte drive for more space) My resident tech-head expert (ie, fiance "A") happened to read over my shoulder and was alarmed for your data. He says the little USBs, although rated for longer, are very temperature-sensitive, vulnerable to docking/undocking errors and wear-and-tear shock damage and only tend to last about 2 years of regular use before you can expect to need to reformat them. An external hard drive on the other hand can be expected to live up to its rating of about 6 years of continuous use. (I've got an external hard drive, after learning the hard way...lost a lot of data when a lightning strike felled a tree 12 feet from my old computer and blew out the computer along with the had only the cheapest surge protector, one that looks like a power strip, and wasn't backed up :( :( ...and how bloody likely was a lightning strike in SoCal!!!?) ......hey don't worry about your wrists; mine do the same thing, I checked ;) . It's the angle. (Wasi)

Sundry said...

Thanks! This is great info that I didn't even know I was missing. I'll pass it on to my boss.

I had a mega surge protector, but it scorched the plastic chair runner under my desk and scared me more than a blown out computer!