Saturday, February 28, 2009

Between Hikes - Saturday 2/28/2009

Part of what I do in my job as a script researcher is come up with fake business names for shows to use so they don't accidentally identify an actual business and depict, say, someone getting killed there. We check everything, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Believe me, if one of my clients had sent me "Between a Rock and a Leather Place" I would have laughed and figured it would clear.

This is exactly why we check everything, even if we're laughing.

I wouldn't mind having this flour sifter in my kitchen. But for like $3.00, not $15.00. I don't buy a lot at antique shops, as much as I like to cruise them when I'm in the mood.

Really, I want to be the person who buys it at the yard sale before it gets marked up.

Okay, you tell me.

Does this clock just scream, "I love you, Daddy, even though you blew the milk money playing craps?"

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