Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mormon Rocks Hike - Saturday 2/28/2009

A very welcoming view. We were on our way to Adelanto to meet up with some friends and decided to make time for a hike at Mormon Rocks. We've been by here a number of times without thinking to allow for the time or to dress appropriately.

Closing in on the first goal.

There's a lot more space between the rocks than you'd expect.

Hydra sets off across the ridge between the first set of rocks we visited and the next. This is probably the crest of the same type of rock that's exposed elsewhere. The trail forms a rough crescent around the fire station below, which can be reached from the 138 just east of the 15.

Looking over Hydra's shoulder at the formations across the 138.

I pause to enjoy the view before we head back down. Nice hour long hike on a gorgeous day.

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Anonymous said...

OH! Lovely. It's easy to see why you love your mountains so. I zoomed in to see you better...and what you were viewing. Wow. k