Sunday, March 01, 2009

Jungle Tub - Sunday 3/1/2009

Every fall I bring all the succulents in from the front porch to the warmth and safety of our master bathroom. They love it. Sometimes they go a little kookoo.

I love succulents because they are so freaky and other worldly. This bloom is about a foot high, and springs from a plant that looks like a giant hen & chickens.

The bottom of the bloom. I've had this thing for 8 years--given to me by Saharazad, and this is the first time it's bloomed.

Blossoms on another succulent. Braveheart gave me this one.

The base for the bloom above. Sweet, huh?

Lovely specimen.

Oh, and yes, there's fauna in the jungle too.

Playful upsidedown fauna, even.

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