Thursday, February 19, 2009

Step Away from the Treat - Thursday 2/19/2009


This popcorn heart does not remotely concern you.


thelastnoel said...

Um, are you supposed to feed popcorn to birds. If they get an unpopped kernel, won't it explode in their tummies? Or is that an urban legend?

Sundry said...

Aw, thanks for your concern, Noel. It is, indeed, an urban legend. What makes popcorn pop is moisture inside it heating up to a fairly high temperature and expanding. I often give Dodger not completely popped popcorn because it gives his beak more work. By the time it gets to his belly--er, gullet--it's in bits.

The expanding rice thing is also an urban myth...but it's nice that newlyweds throw birdseed these days. Same symbolism, nicer chow for the birds.

Anonymous said...

That is the karate stance Dodger learned when he was training with Delta Force. Hydra