Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Cure for Anything - Wednesday 4/22/2009

Antipasta (fka Tomasina) went under the knife Wednesday morning, but she rallied by the afternoon so we could have our writing group. Knee surgery. She was still a little loopy fromthe anesthetic, but what a trouper!

She ordered in Thai food, Braveheart brought appetizers from Porto's, and I stopped by Pavillions and picked up a trio of Haagen Dazs flavors.

I had Black Walnut in mind, but when I saw the Ginger, well!

The Ginger, Mango and Vanilla Bean were great together. Kind of like the three of us in the writing group. (sniffle) Even though we'll keep critiquing each other's work (the first half of my April poems and Antipasta's ongoing play.) We're all going to miss this when Braveheart moves away.

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