Monday, April 20, 2009

Egg Hunt - Monday 4/20/2009

I noticed this sign along Vasquez Canyon Road a few months ago. Today I took the detour from Sierra Highway in search of the farm fresh eggs that I've read not only taste better, but are also rich in good cholesterol and lower in the bad stuff.

Interesting road.

You know me. I love a new road.

Still on the trail!

Sensing the nearness of my prey, I approach with caution...

Dang! Foiled!

They're sold out. But I have learned that I'll need to bring some ones, since there's no one here to make change. It's on the honor system, which is pretty cool. It will be hard to choose which eggs to buy.

Guinea hen eggs? Really?

My trusty steed awaits at the bottom of the drive. I could really live up here. This is nice.

I talked with the woman who runs Sanchez Produce, the farm stand on Sierra Highway. She says you can call ahead and find out if they're sold out. I'll do that next time, since per my odometer, it's about a six-mile round-trip detour from my route home.

I wonder if they sell at the Newhall Farmer's Market on Thursday or the Santa Clarita Farmer's Market on Sunday. Hmm.

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