Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exotic Chocolate - Thursday 4/16/2009

Pretty little handcrafted chocolates from the new shop down the street from where I work. Sadly, I can't recommend Amber Chocolatiers.

Weens and I bought two pieces each on the way back from a coworker's birthday lunch. At just about $7.00 for the four pieces, we really would have liked to have been able to tell the difference between the pomegranate and the passion fruit.

Pictured above, the Aztez and the... I think it was Jasmine. Aztec is chili/apricot, which was okay. The Jasmine had a kind of gritty mouth feel and not much of a distinctive flavor.

The owner seemed very nice, so if you're in the area and stop by, please try the shop and let me know why I'm wrong.

I am amazed that anyone got a loan to open a high-end business like this in a neighborhood like this, which is nice but most of the foot traffic is office workers from the Disney Channel.

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