Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Camping - Friday 4/17/2009

Okay, even I had to really think to figure out what this was a picture of, other than the bug-splattered windshield of the Tahoe. Ah, it's Mojave Narrows campground as we approached on Friday afternoon.

I worked at home on Friday and Hydra had the day off. We packed up and got on the road in record time (12 minutes to hook up the trailer, which is amazing) and then the drive to Victorville only takes about an hour. We set up the trailer, made the flock comfortable and met friends for dinner at Di Napoli's Firehouse Pizza. Ooh, good Italian food and even better conversation.

Then off to a hoot being held near by. Sang some songs and enjoyed some fun performances. (I fell back on Teenager in Love because people can sing along with it, and it is precisely in my range.)

And this time we had the combination to the lock on the campground gate, so we didn't have to maneuver around the puncture strip on the exit lane when we got back after hours.

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