Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hydra's Heights and Fresh Garbanzos. - Sunday 5/31/2009

So of course, the first time I decide not to accompany Hydra on his hike, he goes and scales his mountain! That's him waving his crutch above his head after calling me on the cell phone to alert me to his feat.

Boys cannot be trusted!

Tomato and artichoke progress, just so you know.

I just heard Evan Kleiman sing the praises of fresh garbanzo beans on Good Food recently, and what should I find at my local Vallarta market?

The very thing I was looking for!

There are 1-2 beans per pod. Usually one.

They aren't beige. They're green!

See them in there? They're yummy fresh or steamed and drizzled with some good olive oil. On the radio, they said that people roast them over grills.

The pods are fairly tender, but not tender enough to eat. Not bad shelling... I pressed on them till they popped open like little balloons and then took out the beans.


Anonymous said...

your tomatoes look so much healthier than mine! Your little project has really worked apparently...good for you! k

Sundry said...

Thanks! Mine have a bit of a headstart on yours too. You should see Antipasta's! They're twice the size of mine...but Pasadena's growing season started earlier than mine!