Monday, May 18, 2009

Is Nothing Sacred!? - Monday 5/18/2009

Not when you live with a blogger, no.

Here's Hydra getting ready for knee surgery to repair a meniscus tear. With which apparently a lot of you may be familiar. When I mentioned it to friends, I found out a number of you have had it.

I wouldn't seriously have thought of taking a photograph at such a time, but I was impressed with the high tech hospital gown he's wearing. It's actually a warming system made by Bair Paws, hence the cute logo.

The basic concept is they blow hot air up your skirt-- er into an inflatable lining in the gown--to keep you warm during surgery.

We were feeling a little lucky since Hydra was stopped for driving 66 mph in a 55 mph zone, but the nice officer let us go maybe partly because of the impending surgery and partly because we pulled to a stop beneath the 14 to 5 connector bridge and he couldn't get radio reception there. Whew.

Ooh! It comes with cute socks!? With perks like this, I might just sign up for surgery!

What a good sport. I think I'll keep him.

One of two air ducts available for warm air introduction. Not exactly the Six Million Dollar Man, but close enough.

As the morning wore on from our arrival time at 8:30 past the 10:40 date with the operating table, things became a bit more grim.

Waiting. Why did it have to be waiting?

So we played a question game to pass the time.

Sundry: Would you rather have a lap full of snakes that can bite, but which aren't poisonous, or would you rather wait for an hour?

Hydra: Snakes.

Sundry: Would you rather let a spider crawl slowly up your arm, or would you rather wait for an hour?

Hydra : Wait.

Sundry: Would you rather swim through a lake full of boogers or wait for an hour.

Hydra: That sounds like something from your childhood.

Sundry: Yeah. Swim through a lake of boogers, eat a bowl of boogers, or kiss another girl? What is, How do you create a bunch of little homophobes, Alex?

It went well. Poor Hydra looked like someone had roughed him up a bit when I saw him in the recovery area, but he was too doped up to know.


KathyR said...

Hope he recovers well!

Go Bruins!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! What a trouper! k

Anonymous said...

The knee may recover, but my ego has taken a beating from these photos. As Brando says in Apocolyps Now, "The horror, the horror!" - Hydra

Sundry said...

KathyR - Thanks for the well-wishes. He's doing very well. And yeah, if it was a Trojan Paws gown I'm not sure I could have let him wear it in good conscience, being a UCLA alum myself!

k - He is a trouper! Very game!

Hydra - Oh, you look cute in these photos, don't kid yourself!