Monday, May 18, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work - Monday 5/18/2009

Thank you, fellow Californians, for the much needed additional lane which is being built onto the 14 where it merges onto the 5. We really need it!

This project can't be finished too soon, as far as I'm concerned.

No kidding, for the first two weeks there was an accident every morning going southbound and every evening going northbound because they took away a lane on each side to make room for construction.

CalTrans really dropped the ball on informing drivers about the new lane configurations. Even though those big programmable message signs are in prime position in both directions to warn about the loss of a lane, I never saw them used to do that. Just messages about high winds all the way to the Antelope Valley, as if that was news to anyone.

So if you're headed up that way and you haven't been in a while, watch out for lane-loss, or for the guy next to you to suddenly realize he's running out of road and opt for a little of yours!

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