Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lunch at Malbec - Wednesday 5/20/2009

What am I doing eating lunch out at a not particularly inexpensive new restaurant near work, you might ask. Well, meeting up with the lovely Chatty, who I met last week at the Got Milk/Estilo Salon event.

It was great having more time to talk, and she's a pretty inspiring entrepreneur. She keeps a couple of blogs, teaches advanced computing at UCLA Extension and does consultations on using social networking to promote one's business.

She's offering a free "Ask the Experts" teleclass through CoachToolsToGo next Tuesday. I can't be on the call, but I signed up to have the recording emailed to me. Sweet! Click on that link and you can too.

Oh, and the food at Malbec? Ah. Only okay. We both had Milanesa sandwiches. I have to say mine was completely underwhelming. The meat was clearly from the freezer...way too uniform to have been made fresh. Why even offer that? Don't they know we watch Gordon Ramsey and we know better?

The fries were perfect. The chimichurra was fine, but not really as good as we used to get at The Gaucho Grill.

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