Saturday, May 16, 2009

Romi's, Palmdale - Saturday 5/16/2009

This wild mushroom & chicken linguine looks really good, doesn't it?

Sadly, that's about as far as it goes. Chicken was dry and wasn't the highest quality. It was like those weird cuts they often serve you in cheap Chinese restaurants--where lunch comboes are still $5.95.

You know what I'm talking about. The chicken knuckles.

They offered no freshly ground pepper, which I think sets off pasta so nicely, and no Parmesan.

When we first visited Romi's right after it opened last summer, we were excited that someone was trying to up the level of dining in Palmdale. We were impressed with our first meal here. We've been here three or four times since then, and each experience has been less satisfying than the last.

Service is consistently below par, with a great deal of inattention even though the dining room has never been anything near full on any of our visits. This time, they brought Hydra's large over-dressed Cesar salad first. That's fine, even though I think they would have been far wiser to offer each of us a smaller salad with our $12.95 lunches.

My entree came about ten minutes later. Then we waited another 5-10 minutes for Hydra's entree. Hydra saw our server stop and talk with another employee as she carried his Cajun Meatloaf to the table. (Please, there was nothing discernibly Cajun about the was barbecue sauce if you ask me.)

The best part of the meal was when the server came to the table with water and had her eye on the elderly man making strange gestures in the air at the table behind me. We'd just come from seeing Angels and Demons and I was about to make a comment on the classic Italian decor of the dining room.

"We just saw Angels and Demons," I said to the server, smiling.

She blanched and her eyes widened. "What!?"

"Um...Angels and Demons? The movie."

"Oh! That's such a relief! I was watching that old guy and I thought--"

She really should go see the movie, if she's that willing to believe in the supernatural!

I'm not saying anyone else should see it, unless you're willing to leave your logic and your sense of time at the door. Tom! Ron! What are you, thinking with your dwindling investments in mind?

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