Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pan Pacific Park - Wednesday 5/13/2009

I stumbled upon Pan Pacific Park today while looking for parking near an event I was going to. It's on the site of the former Pan Pacific Auditorium. It was still standing when Hydra and I arrived in Los Angeles, and they were trying to find a new use for it.

I'd forgotten that it burned down in 1989. I figured it had just been another victim of L.A.'s general disregard for its architectural history. (Click on the photo for a link to the site where I found it.)

As you can see, the architects of the recreation building located at the park paid tribute to the original design. Very nice.

These tiles depict various architecturally interesting buildings in Los Angeles.

Tiles with images of Pan Pacific Auditorium.

More tiles inside the building. There are classrooms and a couple of gyms in here, and some surprisingly well-maintained bathrooms.

Echoes of children's voices in here reminded me of visiting the Huntington YMCA pool when I was a little kid.

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