Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Hike - Sunday 5/10/2009

BikerChick takes a photo of our favorite yucca. We all took shots of this gorgeous thing!

I noticed lots of ladybugs around our house this year, too.

RockGoddess and Cabrita (little goat) scale the heights. Whoo hoo!

A whole lot of trucks were pulling into the main parking lot as we hiked above the road. They film a lot here.

I suspect that this is a set up for something to do with Saving Grace since the woman on the bed looks like she could be a Holly Hunter stand in, and the show filmed promotional spots out here.

Oh, yeah! It's very cool to see Vasquez Rocks show up in Star Trek (2009) as the planet Vulcan. Welcome back, guys! I didn't take any photos of the big rock this time, but here's a post where I did.

Not the place I want to be in an earthquake.

Life really wants to be.

Cafe Vasquez is open for business. Nice shady spot. First time I'd met RockGoddess and Cabrita.

Cabrita knocks back some peanuts.

Turtle takes to the trail.

Go Turtle!

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