Saturday, January 26, 2008

Texas, Here I Come - Thursday 1/24/2008

I can't help it. I still get a huge kick out of rising from a rainy day into a sunny one. Pilots must feel like gods when they do this!

We actually drove through early morning snow on the drive down to the airport this morning. But all my flights went very well. Yay.

I was whisked from the San Antonio airport to the "crooked house" as my brother and sister-in-law call the Liberty Bar. What a great restaurant. What a croooked house. Just to give you an idea, our appetizer was warm goat cheese with a spicy Mexcan sugar sauce eaten with slices of thick bread with grill marks on it. Mmm.

The same window from outside. The floors are uneven and the walls are all canted, so you feel a bit like you're at sea when you walk through this place.

I asked the bartender about the place. She said that the place is rumored to have been a brothel at some time in it's long history. She wasn't sure when it was built, but it was a flood in 1821 that rose to it's second floor and warped it.

I love that this building's in such good use!

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