Saturday, January 26, 2008

Texas Hill Country - Friday 1/25/2008

The wall my brother built on their property in the Canyon Lake area. All natural stone. A lot of it was taken from the Guadalupe River after the 2005 flood. Making good use of what was debris! He's terracing the hillside lot.

One of the things I really like about this area is that they use a lot of native stone in building. I guess that's partly the strong German influence. Most of the houses, especially the older ones, have big porches on them. There are also a lot of tin roofs. Very distinctive and durable, too.

The view from approximately where the house will be built. It's a misty to rainy day, so we're not seeing the other layers of hills beyond.

The main building at Becker Winery. We went in for a tasting and left with bottles. It helps that they're so friendly and it's the middle of the day and you get a little warm and relaxed about the prices.

Cats to go at Wildseed Farms. There were cats all over this place. When we went to get a table near the fire for our lunch of soup, there was a one-eared marmalade cat sleeping on one of the chairs. We let him have the table.

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