Saturday, January 26, 2008

Luckenbach, Texas - Friday 1/26/2008 Continued

It's more than a song, but less than a bustling berg. Still, I thought it deserved it's own special blog entry. It takes a little doing to find Luckenbach, Texas because the road signs keep being stolnen by tourists and enthusiasts. The only hint I can give you is not to be fooled by the Luckenbach-Cain City Road. You would think one end or the other would end up in Luckenbach, but you would be wrong.

The web site I linked to above has a lot of history of the town and the area. Seems like there's been a general store or dance hall there since 1849. The dance hall's still in use. The famous song was recorded in 1973.

This little bar is in the back of the building in the first picture. The room is mabye 18'x18' and that big wood stove felt very good on this cool and rainy day. We listened to the man with the guitar play 5-6 songs. I had my first Shiner Bock, which is a tasty locally brewed amber beer.

My brother and sister-in-law are big fans of local products, and rightly so. Music, peaches, pecans, beer, wildflowers, game meats, etc.

Texas is world reknowned for being cattle country. I would just like to say that to me it seems as much like cat country. There are lots of fat sleek confident cats everywhere we go.

This one led us across the bridge behind the main collection of buildings at Luckenbach.

Looking back toward the bar and dance hall. We had the place almost to ourselves. I liked that a lot. Rainy Friday afternoon.

Joe says this is quintessentially Texan. Yup.

Later they took me to Clear Springs Seafood for dinner. Great. Now I have another place that I am always going to long to eat in again. We started with jalapeno stingers... Peppers stuffed with crab and shrimp and lightly breaded. You really cannot imagine how good these things are.

I also had oysters and shrimp. Best fried oysters since South Carolina. Very light breading and not oily at all. I'm impressed! I'd be addicted if I had half a chance.


Liz said...

I just don't understand how they can see out the windshield with those horns blocking part of the view. Poor cow. :(

Anonymous said...

I like the bar with the guy playing a guitar. It's a Taylor, BTW, judging from the pick guard. Hydra

Sundry said...

Liz- I'm not entirely sure the horns are secured to the hood. Might be that they're tossed in the back for driving purposes. Then again, from what I gathered, you aren't going to stop a Texan from doing pretty much whatever he wants to do. ;)

Hydra- You are the MAN! You're so right. I did take note and it is, indeed, a Taylor. You have completely invaded my mind.