Sunday, January 27, 2008

Homey Texas - Saturday January 26. 2008

A fence I saw while out walking the dogs with Jax.

The work of a local potter. The face is his wife's.

From atop the Canyon Dam.

This gorge was created spontaneously when the water overflowed the spillway in July 2002. This used to be flat ground. Jax's dad's house was near the other end of this new gorge. He was evacuated. The river went around one side of his house and the spillway release went around the other.

Concrete core samples used to build walls at Jax's dad's river house, on the Guadalupe. Pretty smart to get these free building materials.

There are no building codes in the unicorporated areas. This wall turned out really cool, but there are some questionable structures in the areas, but then that's just a taste of that famous Texan independence.

Those concrete core samples in use. They look nice, huh?


Liz said...

Amazing that the gorge all used to be level ground. And how interesting that they don't have building codes in the rural areas. But that log wall sure looks sturdy!

Sundry said...

Liz- Yeah, the buidling code thing is amazing. My brother's an excellent designer/builder, but he pointed out a house in the area that he knew to have done some pretty crazy things. Like adding a couple of 2x4s onto the end of the center roof beam to extend it. You could see a six-inch drop in the roof from one part to the other! And the place is pretty new. Yikes! Guess I'll settle for the hassles of permitting in order to be somewhat sure that any place I buy is not going to fall to pieces in a few years!