Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moonlighting - Wednesday 1/30/2008

Lady Liberty is alive and well and is currently booking appointments to do your taxes.

The sad truth of the long shot. That's a feed store across the road to the right. Somehow I don't think a lot of my fellow Actonites are going to trust their finances to a a guy in a green dress and horns.

But maybe he can write off his Hallowe'en costume?

I was on the cell with Hydra when I first passed through the 4-way stop at Sierra Highway and Crown Valley Road (the closest thing we have to a stop light here in Acton.) I laughed out loud and Hydra suggested I go back and get the shot. Not having anything better on the flashcard today, I obliged. Glad I did.

I actually waved at him and pointed at the camera. People are pretty cool, really.

Thanks, H.

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KathyR said...

Wooh. Lady Liberty needs a shave!