Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Texas Rocks Acton - Tuesday 1/29/2008

I think I've made it clear that I like rocks.

I brought these back from Texas with me. The one one the left is from Joe and Jax's land...the place where I took a photo of the wall he'd built and the misty view. The one on the right is from the Guadalupe River near Jax's dad's river house. Clearly, it's been worn by the water.

Cool Thing: I found this link to the geology of the Canyon Lakes Gorge, which I showed a photo of a few days ago. The rock looks a lot like this stuff. Guess the weathering happened very quickly.

Soapbox: This is a new featurette where I'm going to randomly post about things I'm thinking about from time to time. George W. Bush's plan to send us each a rebate check is just an insulting bribe. I can't believe this works on people. And I would like some one to tell me just how much it costs to process and mail each of these $300.00 checks.

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