Monday, March 17, 2008

A Campy Weekend - Friday 3/14/2008

It was a foggy morning where we woke up outside of Fillmore, CA. I missed a really great shot of a handful of guys starting work in one of these fields. They grow recognizable vegetables up here between the orange groves.

That's my cowboy! Yeah, we rode the horses into town for supplies.... Erm, drove the Tahoe in to Starbucks. What a great morning.

Our flock had a great time outside on the picnic table. Dodger's also out here, tooting and laughing and saying "Hello" to passersby.

I wandered around the campground looking for the music. Where was everyone? I had a great conversation with a couple of other Songmakers, but I was...

Hey! They're all at our place! And most of them are playing Hydra's guitars!

My friend, HammerGrrl's hammer dulcimer. I wish I could let you hear her play. It's like being transported to another century. It soothes the soul.

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