Saturday, March 22, 2008

Making an Example of My Breakfast - Wednesday 3/19/2008

Okay, now that I see the photo of this innocent multi-grain scone, I feel a little sad about making an example of it.

But it's the only photo I took on this hectic Wednesday, and I do have a point to make.

Good grief, food prices are jumping! The last time I bought one of these--granted, it's been a few months--it was $1.75. Today it was $2.25. Someone can probably tell me what percentage that is.

It's easier for me to figure out on the individual boiled eggs they offer at Priscilla's, which went from 50 cents each to 75 cents each. Dang! That's a 50% increase!

Right? (I'm so math-phobic.)

I mentioned it to coworkers and we all agreed that a bag or two of groceries seems to have gone up about the same amount. Lots of sad headshaking and further agreement that it's because of gas prices.

Even people who don't drive are paying the price.

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