Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've Got Class - Thursday 3/20/2008

I had a great time with my girls! We went to the park. M, above, is holding a puppy that was there with it's little girl master.)

It’s really great to have some space to stretch out in. The guided mental walk went really well. Afterward, I let them play on the playground equipment while I made sure I could make out their writing and then read it aloud to them. They could opt whether to claim their writing or not, and all of them ended up being proud of it. I think they liked hearing me read it. (This was from my sister’s notes about the guided walk.)

We decided that next time we’ll write about Easter a little and that we’ll write love stories. They were all really excited about that. I told them to bring a picture from a magazine or whatever of a boy, if they want to. What kind? Something that will inspire you to write a love story. General excitement.

S hanging upside down. What a great smile.

At the end they hung around with me instead of scattering and M, who I thought would be trouble, but who really brings a lot of creativity and energy along with her slight mouthiness, asked me what inspires me. I thought about it and said that finding beauty in places that don’t seem very beautiful inspires me, and pointed out a stack of scuffed buckets. They pointed out flowers, and the wood of the table, and we enjoyed the way the sunlight shone through the drips of sap on the canvas over the outside table, and the pine needles poking through the netting.

“What inspires you about this place? Other than Me?” (M again, too funny.)

“Honestly, you girls.”

I told them I want to come back because I love what they’re writing and I’m interested in hearing more and getting to know them better. They really heard me, which was a neat moment. They all were saying “Bye, Miss!” at the end instead of just running from me. Yay.

The only thing I regret is that some of them weren’t there…only six today. But they want to be sure to go back to the park with the others.

Amazing. Before the class I was SO TIRED from staying up late working on the class prep, from working 3 9 hour days in a row, coming in at 5:30 this morning so I could finish work before the class. I think that being worn out made me less inclined to make them toe the line (though I don’t think I’ve been brutal), and we had a better time.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Wow! I hope you're planning to give each of the girls a copy of the pictures you took of them. I'll bet they don't realize how beautiful they are. And these pix really bring it out! The way you have cropped them is terrific. k