Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bakersfield Morning - Sunday 8/24/2008 (Part 1)

We didn't speed out of Bakersfield in the morning. Enjoyed the included breakfast at the Residence Inn by Marriott where we spent the night. Cruised Barnes & Noble with some good coffee in hand, and then hit Great American Antiques. We spent a couple of hours looking around.

Hydra's interested in finding a better deal on a salt & pepper set something like this one, which his family had when he was a kid.

Having watched all those William Powell movies from the 1930s recently, I was particularly attracted to these stylish playing cards.

But I don't need any more in my house.

I would think this potty chair would scare off most kids!

Never let it be said that we left any of our resources undeveloped. There were several oil wells in the midst of the grape vines. They grow table grapes around here.

Who would stay in the Rank... Er RancHotel in Tehachapi?

I know it's supposed to be Ranchotel, but I swear to you it doesn't read like that.

My. That is personal storage.

The old and the new, east of Tehachapi.

I used to be a little conflicted about these things. They are huge. When we were in the midst of a field of them outside of Palm Springs years ago (Hydra was acting in a student film,) they were really disturbing.

Now I can see the beauty of them.


KathyR said...

That potty chair would give me nightmares. Therapy fodder.

Sundry said...

I wonder if there was an eagle version for those who hoped their boys would grow up to be president.

Los Angelista said...

I'll totally bypass the "hotel"! It looks a little suspect. But the antique store is great. Love those playing cards!

Sundry said...

When we emerged from this antiques place, we saw that there were three or four more in the same neighborhood. It could fill a weekend! (We don't do this often, but when we're both in the mood, it's fun.)