Friday, August 29, 2008

Figs and Tea - Friday 8/29/2008

I told my friend Toronto that along with not having to deal with holiday weekend traffic, an advantage of working at home today is that I feasted on figs and tea.

Her response?: "Where are you, Casablanca?"

Now that would make the day perfect. My ceiling fan was made of painted white plywood rather than reeds and I opted for air conditioning against the heat.

But the figs, oh my dears, the figs. Perfection in a fruit. What more does one need? It's all I ate all day.

How is it that I was unaware of the fresh fig until I was 35 years old and my brother had a tree in his Echo Park yard?

A newton is nice, but it doesn't hold a candle to the real thing, this fruit that feeds wasps and reveals secrets rivaling the most sparkling geode.

Figs and Russian Samovar tea that my mother sent me in the mail from exotic northern Indiana. Today I had a happy palate.


fingerstothebone said...

boy oh boy, I wish *I* could eat figs all day! About the wasps -- I'm always a little concerned that I'll bite into one. It's probably too late, but after I take my first bite, I ALWAYS look, just to be sure there isn't a wasp stuck in there.

My fig tree has some tiny figs on it, but they won't ripen this year. I'm hoping that in a few years, it will get tall enough to get more sunshine earlier in the season. And voila! Figs!

And remember that big floppy black bag that you sent me? I never did anything with it. My sister & nieces were here for a visit and when they went back, my sister swapped me her handbag with the black bag, and now it's in Taiwan!

Sundry said...

Ooh, good luck with the figs. What a heavenly fruit. Funny about looking for the wasps...I completely get that!

Ha... I wonder if that bag is having a bit of a homecoming. Could very well have come from those parts originally.

Anonymous said...

In the first Indiana Jones, good ole' Indy almost got done in by "bad figs." Hydra

Los Angelista said...

LOL on the Indiana tea! Love it!

The glass in the photo reminds me of our lovely time at Casbah!

Sundry said...

I'm a sucker for teaware from other parts of the world. We saw the movie Traitor the other night and I was all excited about the teaware in one of the last scenes. (Hydra is this way with guitars!)

We should rock the Casbah again sometime.