Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is Dedicated to the One I Love - Sunday 8/24/2008 (Part 2)

Yeah, you can boast about your significant others all you want. Hydra gets the prize!

To make what could be a very long story short, we stopped in Tehachapi for lunch on the drive home. We were pretty much ignored by the servers, so we got up and left. Prices were not great, menu was not exciting. We moved on.

Stopped a couple more places but nothing looked interesting. Ended up at Cafe 58 in Mojave (formerly Jerry's, where we've stopped for years.)

Got all the way to Palmdale, and as we were walking into Trader Joe's I realized that I might have left my notebook and my Waterman pen in that first restaurant, about 50 miles back. I got out my (admittedly lame) cell phone and found that someone had left a message about ten minutes (and fewer miles) after we left.

I was willing to take Hydra the last 12 miles home and go back for it myself. But he knew I was tired and said it would be almost fun if we did it together, and so without being grumpy about it in the least, we turned around and went back!

By the time we got back to Kelcy's, the server who had called was gone for the day. I left a note and $20.

The notebook offers a reward for return. (I've lost one and had one stolen and they still feel like holes.)

I figure that if she'd been there she might have declined the reward. But I also figure that she would at least want to have it offer and be able to decline. It seemed like much better karma to leave a little money along with a note in which I thanked her and told her I hoped she'd accept my token of gratitude with the same open heart with which it was given. (Also don't want to insult a person by implicitly implying that they wouldn't have done it without the reward.)

Hydra, on top of being a really good sport who is always supportive of my writing and other life choices, is a good photo scout. He wanted to make sure we had a shot of this, too.

Classic California.

When we finally pulled off the freeway 100 miles (what is it with that distance?) and 2 hours later than expected, I dialed my iPod to Bridge Over Troubled Waters and improvised these lyrics:

Like a bridge over troubled waters
I will drive around
Like a bridge over troubled waters
Till all your stuff is found

Hey. It's love. It doesn't have to be eloquent.

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