Friday, September 12, 2008

lllicit Hiking - Friday 9/12/2008

This is the road cut we hiked to last weekend from over the hills to the right side of the freeway from here. (This was taken from northbound Sierra Highway.) You can really see how this little mountain was carved up to allow passage of the freeway.

If you click to enlarge you'll see a big pipe on the middle tier. The pipe's about 3 feet in diameter. I want to go back to get photos of the erosion around the concrete the pipe was set in.

We walked out from the left side of that tier but there was a landslide of sharp iron rich rock, so we went back and crossed over the pipe. It was pretty amazing being up there above the traffic.

Getting back through the barbed wire fence wasn't as easy as getting through where we first crossed. I lay on my back and scootched under and got a shirt full of stickers.

Fair enough.

p.s. I wasn't on any Metrolink train on Friday afternoon when the horrible crash happened. I was working from home again. Even if I had been, I don't take that line.

Metrolink ridership has been up in the past months because of gas prices. It's really awful that this happened on a Friday of all days. From personal experience, Fridays always seemed busier than other days. People avoiding weekend traffic, people going to visit in outlying areas.

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