Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Means You - Thursday 9/11/2008

I am working at home today. Which gives Dodger a chance to work on his own projects, like remodeling the interior of this wine box.

He was actually taking a break from his work when I found the house quiet...too quiet. I looked around the kitchen for him. Nowhere to be seen.

So I lifted the box lid to see if he was inside. Oops! Imagine a porcupine with the head of a bear and the eyes of an eagle who's just been awakened from a nap. That's my boy.

My trespass couldn't go unremarked!

Step away from the box! This means you!

Cool Thing: Check out political ads of yesteryear from The Museum of the Moving Image's The Living Room Candidate collection. I think the featured ads change from day to day, so I'm going to embed a couple of my favorites.

Wow, I think this is the one Bill Murray's character emulates in Scrooged! Apparently, it was only shown once as a paid ad, and then the news shows picked it up as a story. Yipes.

I'm not sure upon which planet this ad was originally shown. A fascinating species...

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