Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sierra Highway Revisited Part 2 - Halfway House Cafe - Saturday 9/13/2008

The Halfway House Cafe from the front porch. This place shows up in movies and TV all the time. It was the setting for the 2007 feature film, Waitress.

The first time I ever saw this place was (probably) on an old episode of Starsky and Hutch, which I had a weird fixation on in my youth.

Pricey prices, but the chicken noodle soup was homemade and delicious.

Okay, I know it's weird to take photos of toilets.

But then again, it's pretty weird to find yourself in a modern two holer!

One of the front windows.

Hydra's been pointing this curiosity out to me for a few months. It's between the shrine and the Halfway House. Possibly an old mine shaft that was closed up with stone? It's on the left side if you're heading south.


KathyR said...

OK, the bathroom? What the heck?

Very intrigued by the blocked up cave!

Sundry said...

Odd about the bathroom, eh? It doesn't really look like there were ever stalls in there. They've remodeled a lot over the years...guess this is streamlining!