Sunday, September 07, 2008

Once More Into the Breach - Sunday 9/7/2008

Okay, not really into the breach. Up the mountain. This is Sundry's Mountain, so-called by locales.

Okay, really just by Sundry and Hydra. And a few of our more attentive friends.

My foot amongst the rocks on the interesting hilltop. There are little egg-like bits of quartz up here amongst high-iron content volcanic looking rock.

I know just enough about geology to wish that I really understood this stuff.

Usually my left foot is in the photos alone. Clearly my right foot has had enough of this folderol.

As soon as I stop being tired all the time (except during and directly after exercising) I'm going to ask an acquaintance who's in the know to do a geologic diagnosis of our area via photos.

I think this is maybe a volcanic plug at the top of one of our hills.


Stace said...

Right foot...standing up for its right-foot rights!

I love you guys and your hiking ways.

Sundry said...

Heh, looking back at some of my other My Foot photos, I realize I've been more egalitarian than I realized. Sometimes it's one foot and then sometimes it's the other! Guess I have to go back to all those places and reshoot.