Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boom! - Sunday 11/30/2008

It came out of a clear blue sky, as they say.

I was on the cell with Kitty and had just pulled into the garage when BOOM! The garage shook, the car shook, and Kitty asked what happened because she heard it too.

Forgive me, I've read too many episodes of CSI : Miami (more than 130, oh my gosh) but I thought it sounded like not one but TWO bodies landing on the roof.

I got out and tried to look over the eaves. Rationally, it was probably not even one body. And it wasn't any kind of earthquake I'd ever felt. I said to Kitty that it might have been a sonic boom from one of the planes they test over the Mojave desert, just over the Sierra Pelona mountains.

Hydra, woozy from his under-the-weather napping, came out to the driveway to find out what was the matter. (No laying of a thumb upside of his nose, though.)

Our downslope neighbor came out with the news. He'd been watching CNN. The space shuttle Endeavor was landing at Edwards Air Force Base. Aha! Now that made sense. It makes a big impression when it reenters the atmosphere.

You can see in the photo that it was, indeed, not Florida in which the Endeavor landed.

Wish we'd known they'd be doing that. It would be worth the half hour drive to see it come down!

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