Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy HouseDay! - Tuesday 12/3/2008

I took this two years ago. It's the stairs leading to the back deck at my Mom's house. This is where I grew up. (Though admittedly, it was a concrete patio when I lived there.)

Today is the house's 48th birthday! It's the day my family moved in, about six weeks before I was born. (Did I make the math easy enough for you?)

My parents designed and built it themselves. I really like the way Mom laid out the kitchen, with a built in oven and a stove top built into the counter that divides the working kitchen from the dining area.

Also very cool: There's a secret passageway! One pair of closets was never sealed off in between, so you can crawl through over the shoes and under the hanging clothes.

You're not supposed to. But you can. Trust me, this will win you major points with young friends.

Today's the day we start celebrating Christmas. Used to be with an ornament or a special favorite food next to your plate at dinner on December 3rd. My favorite was my own jar of maraschino cherries and the little glass bird ornaments that clipped onto the branches and had a little spray of stiff plastic threads for tails. (Cooler than I am describing, honestly.)

Happy Birthday, House!


Bells said...

And your first favorite thing about that house was the clothes dryer. I can remember us all gathered around the table in the kitchen with you on a blanket on top of the running dryer (full of our snow clothes). You loved the vibration - the ride. You were too tiny to turn over so just rode the vibes.

Sundry said...

Bells - LOL! I wonder if that's why I so adore having my own washer and dryer! Hydra has even commented on my liking to have them running.

I also remember being gently wakened up by the washer or dryer around 7:30 on a Saturday morning when I was a teenager, Mom having waited as long as humanly possible to get going on her day.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it! You two 'bookends' give me a lot of laughs. k